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Here at HHC we believe in Acts 1:8.

Here is what the Acts 1:8 strategy is all about:
To equip every member to reach the lost and nurture new believers through a personalized involvement in their own spheres of influence. In Acts I :8,  we learn what a biblical Missions Strategy looks like. The Lord called His church to a balanced yet far reaching outreach strategy:

Jerusalem (our local communities)
Judea (our nation)
Samaria (other cultures near us) 
Ends of the Earth (around the globe)


Everyday we step outside our front door, we enter our local mission field. Here’s a look at how we share the love of Jesus with our friends and neighbors in Fishers, Indiana.


This is a local missions initiative called Serve the City. We serve Fishers and the surrounding areas by working together as a church community to impact our neighbors. We look for people in need of our help, doing tasks like cleaning yards, trimming bushes, touching up paint in local schools, and a variety of others. Know someone that needs our help?  

Something new for 2022 – Hamilton Hills is looking for 3 – LMC’s. Local Missions Champions that will help champion the relationships to local opportunities where HHC can engage and serve the community. Do you have a bridge already built to a school, an organization that helps others, a charity? These bridges will be how we serve our city in 2022! 

To be considered as a LMC and to learn more about it contact Pastor Randall.

Contact .


It is clear throughout scripture that God cares deeply for the vulnerable, including orphans, and calls us to do the same. Many people think that they must travel to another country to answer this call, however there are significant needs that exist right here in Indiana.
Others believe the only way to make a difference is by becoming a foster or adoptive parent. This is not true either – not everyone is going to do the same thing, but everyone can do something.  Just like in the book of Nehemiah the perfume maker played a part in rebuilding the wall, even if you’re not called to or capable of being a foster parent, you have a role to play in caring for these kids! 

Specifically, here at Hamilton Hills, we’re looking for people to help us meet real-time, vetted needs that prevent children from entering foster care. 
Would you be willing to…



Not only are we called to Jerusalem (our local communities), but also to Judea (our nation), to Samaria (other cultures near us) and the Ends of the Earth (around the globe). This is how Hamilton Hills is impacting the globe with the Gospel. 


The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to children in need around the world. Through this project, Samaritan’s Purse partners with the local church worldwide to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and make disciples of the nations.

Ecuador Emphasis

Our focus in Ecuador this coming year is to train and encourage Ecuadorian pastors and to disciple the youth.  Our fall 2022 missions trip will be focused on evangelism and discipleship to the youth in Pacoche, Ecuador.  Other ongoing ministries include orphan care, education sponsorship, and church planting.  Contact Randall Waller if you would like more information about going on mission.

Prayer Requests: Pray for preparation for future trips, that God would lead those who He would have be a part of this team.  Pray for the youth and their families to be encouraged by the visit, especially Pastor Fabian & his wife Graciella in Pacoche, and for Pastor Darwin and his family in Quito.


Our focus in Belize will be discipleship, church planting, orphanage care, prison ministry, and potentially some medical emphasis helping with hospice care. In 2022 you can experience God at work in Belize. The country is beautiful and there is a great need to strengthen the churches and encourage the ministries in CA. Great times to go to Belize are in the Spring and Summer. We are looking at a trip this April. There are so many opportunities to serve on this trip. This is a great trip for anyone who has never been on a short-term missions trip. Families and youth will love this missions trip.